Partially obscurred by tall, straw colored grass, a male Lesser Prairie-Chicken stands facing the camera with the orange combs above it's eyes displayed and ear tufts fully erect.
Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Photo: Doug Kliewer/Audubon Photography Awards.

Renewable Energy Siting


To prevent the most extreme impacts of the climate crisis, the United States must spend the coming decades investing in and deploying renewable energy infrastructure at an industrial scale.

Inevitably, this infrastructure will have impacts on the landscapes that Audubon Southwest protects for birds and other wildlife. It is our intent to work tirelessly to ensure that this deployment happens in a manner that has the least negative effects on birds and the places they need.

We will do this by developing and advancing plans and guidelines for federal and state agencies that will steer development away from critical habitat; we will advocate for protections of areas and species that are most in need of protection; we will engage with industry to provide guidance on where to site renewable projects and associated infrastructure; and we will work to reform federal and state permitting policies that cause needless delays in renewable energy development.

Birds need us to protect their habitats and they need us to address climate change, we believe that we can do both.

How you can help, right now