Developing the next generation of conservation leaders.

Photo: Morgan Moore/Audubon


Audubon educators seek to connect people with the birds and places across the Southwest, helping them to understand and care for the natural world, and become stewards and advocates for the future.  

We engage learners off all ages, from students and teachers, to young professionals, to adults and families. We believe that hands-on, inquiry based learning and outdoor experiences help people appreciate and connect with the birds and places around us.

Our goals 

  • Increase the public’s understanding of the impacts of climate change 

  • Share real-world solutions that people can implement in their community

  • Foster a well-trained and passionate workforce for environmental and conservation jobs 

  • Build a diverse coalition of people who care about and advocate for birds, water, and the natural environment with a focus on the inequitable impact that climate change has on marginalized communities. 

A group of high school students sit around an outdoor presentation under a canopy of mesquite trees.

Photo: Corey Lycopolus/Audubon

How you can help, right now