Don't be fooled - this is not the water legislation we've been waiting for.

WRAN Update - February 2018

As you already know, since the signing of Minute 323, the updated Colorado Agreement between the United States and Mexico, we have been awaiting critically-needed water legislation. You may have also heard that a series of water bills (SB 1507 – 1516) were introduced in Arizona’s Senate this week along with companion bills in the House. Don’t be fooled. This is not the legislation we’ve been waiting for. These bills offer, at best, infinitely small steps forward and one monumental step backwards - the same attack on the Groundwater Management Act and 100-year water adequacy rule you helped to defeat in 2016.
Our rivers are a hotbed for bird and wildlife diversity. In fact, as much as 60% of Arizona’s wildlife depends on riverside habitat and 45% of North America’s 900 bird species can be found on the San Pedro River alone. To protect these resources, we need policy that brings us closer to water reliability and sustainability by helping us solve one fundamental problem - we continue to withdraw more water than is put back into the system. The longer we wait to tackle this structural deficit, the harder it is to advocate for rivers, birds, and other wildlife.

Audubon Arizona and the Western Rivers Action Network will be pushing back against this ill-conceived series of bills, and we need you to support us by taking action. As we prepare to testify during next week’s Senate and House Natural Resource Committee hearings, we ask that you register online for the Arizona Legislature’s Request to Speak System and voice your concern about this legislation. (Not registered in the Request to Speak System at the Capitol? Let us help!)
As these bills move forward, we will continue to update you with opportunities to take action. Thank you for standing up for Arizona's rivers and the birds, other widllife, and people that depend on them.

How you can help, right now