Storymap: Giving wildlife a voice in water planning discussions

WRAN News - Arizona | November 2016

We’re not trying to fool any of you.  Effecting positive environmental change through policy action is hard work.  It requires constant vigilance, collaboration between experts who understand the policy and experts who understand the natural systems at risk, and the passion and dedication of a broad membership that is willing to take action at scale and on a moments notice.  Fortunately for Arizona’s rivers, our Network has all of that and more.

For this reason, we want to express our thanks.  We’re thankful for our WRAN Leaders who advise us on both policy and biology.  We’re thankful for the policy makers and the state and federal level who are willing to stand up for sound, forward-thinking water policy. We’re thankful for our members who take action in the thousands when our rivers need it most.  We’re most thankful, however, for the rivers, habitats, birds, and other wildlife that motivate to keep up the fight day in and day out.

It’s with this thankfulness in mind that we present to you our Cochise Planning Area Storymap. As part the Governor’s Arizona Water Initiative,  the Arizona Department of Water Resources has divided the state into 22  “Planning Areas” and is holding public meetings in each to address possible future water supply/demand imbalances. One of the first areas being considered is the Cochise Planning Area. This area is in the southeast corner of our state, contains four Important Bird Areas, and is home to a seasonal population of Sandhill Cranes that numbers in the thousands.

This map will guide you through the intricacies of the planning area – showing you how agriculture, groundwater, and wildlife resources fit together.  Once you’ve checked it out, we’re sure you’ll be ready and motivated to take action with us at the next planning meeting.

Check out the map and get inspired!

Cochise Planning Area Meeting

Did you check out the storymap above?  Are you anxious to take action for birds like Sandhill Cranes and places like the Whitewater Draw Important Bird Area?  You’re in luck – the next planning meeting is on November 30th in Willcox.

  • When: Wednesday, November 30th from 4-6 PM
  • Where: Wilcox Community Center – Main Hall, 312 W Stewart Street. Willcox, AZ 85643

The rivers, birds, other wildlife, and economies of the Cochise Planning Area depend on sound long-term water planning.

Take Action by RSVPing for this meeting today!

Winter Webinars:

Planning at a statewide level is critical, but so are innovative local strategies that make the most of our water resources.  Sign up for one of our Winter Webinars, both on Wednesdays from noon to 1pm, and explore some projects that are protecting our rivers  from Tucson to the Verde Valley.

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