Hummingbird Migration Game

Play the Hummingbird Migration Mishaps game to learn about a hummingbird's journey between Alaska and Mexico.

Take the role of a Rufous hummingbird as it faces a treacherous 3000 mile migration journey from Alaska to its winter home in Mexico.

What you’ll need:

·          Game cards, printed and cut out

·          A game die

Game set-up:

This game is like a life-size board game. Set the cards down at least one step apart to create a game path. The order of the cards doesn’t matter as long as it begins with the Alaska card and ends with the Mexico card.

Game instructions:

In this game, you are hummingbirds trying to migrate from your summer home in Alaska to your winter home in Mexico. Along the way you may encounter some set-backs and as well as some good fortune.

Take turns rolling the die and walking that many cards. If, for example, you roll a 3, you’ll walk to the third card, read it, and follow its instructions. If it says to go forward or backwards one card, don’t worry about reading the card you land on. The first hummingbird to make it to Mexico wins!

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