A portrait of Meghan Baker.

Meghan Baker

Education Coordinator

Meghan (she/her) grew up in rural Northern California close to the sea and the redwoods, where she gained a deep appreciation for wilderness and wildlife. She had the great fortune of working at a School of Performing Arts and Cultural Education which fostered a passion for social justice and teaching. Drawn to the landscape, Meghan attended university in the Pacific Northwest, receiving a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Washington University. She developed a course of study combining her interests in social and environmental justice with education and art.

Meghan has over ten years of experience working with youth, including as a nutrition educator, stage manager, art teacher, and theatre director. She believes in a hands-on approach to educating and works to make learning engaging, inclusive, and fun. A member of Audubon Southwest's educational staff, Meghan enjoys promoting science learning and concepts of stewardship with youth. As Education Coordinator at the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, she facilitates on-site field trips and service learning, classroom visits, and day camp programing. 

When not working, Meghan enjoys hiking and backpacking, making ceramics and paintings, reading copious amounts of books, making bad jokes, and eating good food. Her favorite birds change constantly, but at the moment she is particularly fond of Stellar's Jays and Juniper Titmice (so cute!).