Audubon New Mexico's Christmas Bird Count

Audubon's 122nd Christmas Bird Count will take place Tuesday, December 14, 2021 through Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

This winter, at nearly 50 locations in New Mexico, groups of bird-watchers will be counting every bird they see or hear!  As participants in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, they will be a part of the more than 70,000 counters at more than 2,300 locations stretching from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America. Since 1900, the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) has provided scientists with critical data about bird populations in the Americas. 

Who can participate?  Even beginning birders can join the CBC.  Each counting group is led by one or more experts capable of identifying, by sight and sound, the birds in their area. The group is filled out with less experienced birders. Even beginning birders can play a role as each set of eyes and ears increases the number of birds observed.  It can be a great way to learn!

How do I get involved? Follow the link below to view this year's CBC schedule and find a NM count near you.  The page lists each NM count and gives contact information for the leaders.  As you will see on the map, there are count locations in all parts of New Mexico.

View the New Mexico Christmas Bird Count Schedule 

Here's how YOU can set up a new Christmas Bird Count

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